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Homemade Whole Wheat Pasta (Without A Pasta Maker)

Homemade whole wheat pasta without using a pasta machine.

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As I sit here typing this post my wife and I are wrapping up with Rick & Morty and then we’ll be moving onto Hulu’s Casuals. A little bit of TV can be fun! Does anyone else watch either of these shows??

I’m so excited to share this recipe for homemade whole wheat pasta because it’s SO easy and SO tasty. I’ve been wanting to try homemade pasta for a while now, but I assumed it would be too difficult. I was so wrong! I have no fancy gadgets and this pasta turned out pretty dang delish.

The BEST part about this recipe is that you don’t need a super fancy pasta maker. All you need is a rolling pin and pizza cutter!

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It’s okay if the strips aren’t perfectly sized…it is homemade after all. If you love perfectly sized pasta then you may want to invest in a pasta maker or steadier hands.

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This pasta is so fresh and super filling. It takes a little more time than opening a box of pasta, but it’s totally worth it.

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This homemade whole wheat pasta is delicious topped with homemade tomato sauce  or if you’re in a hurry a delicious store bought option is Mezzetta Sun Ripened Dried Tomato Pesto– amazing!





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  • 2 cups whole wheat flour (I used King Arthur’s)
  • 2 eggs
  • ¼ tsp. salt
  • Water (I used 7 tablespoons)
  1. Mix flour, eggs, and salt together.
  2. Add water (one tablespoon at a time) until it forms a loose dough (not sticky-this is key!)
  3. Roll out dough as thin as you can get it , if it’s sticking then add a little more flour.
  4. Trim edges of dough to make a rectangular shape (keep excess dough).
  5. Cut dough into thin strips of pasta with pizza cutter.
  6. Repeat until all dough has been cut into thin strips (roll out excess dough and cut it as well).
  7. Toss pasta in a little bit of flour.
  8. Add pasta to boiling water and cook for approximately 4-5 minutes.
  9. Pasta is ready when it floats to the top of the water.

*Adapted from Sugarlaws