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    Peg Board Installation

    Quickly install the jar racks on a pegboard


    Required tools:

    - Phillips Head Screwdriver

    Drywall Installation

    Easily install the jar racks on drywall surface


    Required tools:

    - Pencil

    - Electric Drill

    - Drill Bit

    - Phillips Head Bit

    Inder Shelf Installation

    You can even install the jar racks under a shelf or cabinet


    Required tools:

    - Electric Screw Driver

    - Phillips Head Bit


    Q: How many jars can fit in a jar rack?
    A: You can fit up to 3 regular mouth jars - pint size or smaller in each rack

    Q: Do I need to have bands on the jars to use these jar racks?
    A: You can use the racks with or without the bands on. It has been suggested that preserved food should be stored without the bands.

    Q: Will the edge holding on to the lip of the jar score or scratch the glass surface of the jar?
    A: Mom's Mason Jar Rack has been designed so that the metal edge which comes in contact with the jar is folded under so the contact surface is completely smooth and should not cause scratches or marks on the jars.


    Q: What about earthquakes safety?

    A: You can insert a simple pin in the front hole of the jar racks, This will prevent the jars from sliding out during an earthquake.

    Q: What about wide mouth jars?
    A: At the moment we only have jar racks designed for regular mouth jars. We hope to have wide mouth version in the coming days.

    Q: What material are the Jar Hangers made of?
    A: The hangers are made of nickel plated carbon steel

    Q: It is difficult to insert or remove a jar in to the Jar Hanger.
    A: While the jar racks are designed to easily accommodate most regular mouth mason jars, the neck of some jars is not completely round but rather elliptical. Rotating the jar slightly to the left or to the right will likely solve the problem.

    Q: What are the dimensions of the jar racks?
    A: The dimensions for the regular mouth version are: H/W/L = 1.25'' / 3.25'' / 10.125''


    Q: What is included in the box?

    A: Each box comes with a set of:

    • 2 Jar Racks
    • 2 Wall Mounting Brackets
    • Installation Instruction Manual
    • All the needed Mounting Hardware
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    Mom's Mason Jar Rack - 2 Pack - Regular Mouth Mason Jars

    Mom's Mason Jar Rack - 2 Pack - Regular Mouth Mason Jars

    Available Today!

    Mom’s Mason Jar Rack is a fully customizable and scalable Mason Jar Storage solution. It allows anyone to organize, arrange, store, find and retrieve mason jar preserved goods in an incredibly easy way.

    2 pack of Mom's Mason Jar Racks - You can hang up to 6 jars

    Each Mason Jar Rack can accommodate up to 3 regular mouth mason jars (pint size or smaller) and can be mounted under a shelf or cabinet or on a wall or pegboard.
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